Seo Blog Writing Service

 Do you write blogs? OR do you want to start writing one? At we would like to help you with seo blog writing service and giving a hands on steps about doing so.

S.E.O. stands for Search Engine Optimizing, in other words how to make your website as optimally as possible so that it will get placed higher up in the search results done by, for example Google.

At Websiteforyou.Ca, we have talented and high qualified article writers who are able to get your articles written in whatever field you need and get it done for you with a short span of time.

How does S.E.O writing work?

Nobody knows the big secret of the Google-Algorithm. Even people, who work at Google, don’t know! The principle of a S.E.O text is to make clear to the reader what the text really is about. When you look by using certain keywords, you want the results to be what you are exactly looking for. This way the Google bot ‘looks’ not only for relevant keywords on a site, but also for clear titles, subheadings, and clear text. Does the title reflect the essence of the text itself? We do all these steps for you!

The use of keywords

Posting keywords excessively is not the solution. If you do, the Google bot will most likely see your text as spam! You can use the Google Keyword Tool to find out which keywords could be relevant. This tools searches, based on the used keyword, for similar keywords that could be very interesting.

Links links links

The value of your website is determined by its popularity. The larger the value, the higher you stand in the search results. The popularity of a website is determined in response to the in-and outgoing links. Are there many sites that link to your page? Then the content on that page will be valuable! Especially cross-linking (linking to each page) gets extra value. How do you do this? This may be as simple as approaching the website to link your website.

Writing a text

The key to writing a blog (or other something else) is that you make it clear and easy to read for the reader. Sounds very logical, right? Don’t make it difficult for yourself. If you have had fun writing it, people will react positively. Here are some tips:

• Blogs consist of 200-500 words.

• Write a clear title and headings in which the keyword is processed.

• Use links to with a description where the link points to.

•Have a nice website design to make your page more appealing.

So, write: We specialize in S.E.O optimization and not: Read more about our services here.

• When using images, make sure the ALT text (the text bar you get when you hold your cursor on the picture) refers to whatever is on the plate. This makes you easily found by Google Images.


Also, keep the Website Design in mind. People are more likely to visit your website again if the design looks good! Don’t have a depressing black and white website design for a blog about flowers! A website design is crucial, so take your time with designing one.