Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis it is a very important step in constructing your S.E.O strategy. In reality, keywords are the foundation of everything else that you do for website design. So when you are in the process of making your web page, make sure you devote the needed time to get this right, because your keyword search will allow you to hone in on the search terms your ideal costumers are using, rather than just guessing.

At, we do keyword analysis for your website based on your keywords and send you a detailed report and optimization techniques to get better rankings in search engines.

 Here you are what we believe about Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis

We do the keyword analysis for the keywords you want.

If you are a company for natural cosmetics and you have optimized your website content for the keyword ‘natural cosmetics’ but your idea prospects are actually searching for ‘ecological cosmetics’ this will not do you much good, because none of that traffic is going to find a way to your website design. So the most important thing you should pay attention to is the fact that there is a difference between knowing and guessing what people are searching for.

Choosing the best keyword analysis for your website design is not normally straight forward. That ideal that you are looking for are keywords that meet all three following criteria: important to your target market, decent volume of demand, so they will direct reasonable traffic to your website, and they have to be winnable in terms of the competition. Try to avoid the keywords that have already been used massively, because you will never be able to get to the first page of Google.  You are looking for a S.E.O keyword that would give you the best fit for these criteria.

The biggest mistake that people do when selecting the keywords for their website content is that they focus too much on very high level keywords of S.E.O website design. If a keyword analysis is too generic it will give people who are searching too high traffic on the search engine and also it is going to be very difficult to rank for. If you want to make your S.E.O strategy more effective, better, and therefore get many visitors, you should concentrate on more specific keywords.

The long tail phrases of search are very important in terms of driving traffic to your website. Researches of website designs and S.E.O have shown that the highest volume search terms or keywords only generate about 18.5% of your traffic, but the long tail keyword search terms account for the remaining 81.5%. Long tail keywords in S.E.O have lower search volumes, but much higher probability of conversation. If you pick enough long tail keywords, you will be much happier because the traffic will be converting better and you will not need to spend much time or money on ranking these keywords high on the search engines. Now the tricky part is to find this sweet spot; keywords analysis should be made from a combination of reasonable amount of traffic on the keyword but also a winnable competition (to be converting in a very efficient way), because at the end of today  that is what will drive the real profitability to your website.