Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Sending customers a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with customers and get new ones as well.


Effective monthly newsletters will allow you to regularly communicate with your leads and customers. On average, you ought to send one email newsletter per month, to help you interact and build relationships with your leads and customers. Email newsletters should be summaries of recent content you created. You should commence producing your monthly newsletter a week before the day you’re going to send it. Objective: To share content with members so they take action.


Optimize for Deliverability

You have to divide your email list into separate groups to ensure each group receives relevant content. You don’t want to overly sell to your customers but you want them to digest and share your content. You have to set the correct expectations in order not to damage your email lists. These expectations contain:

  • · How many emails will they receive?
  • · When they will receive the emails
  • · What address and person the emails being sent from.
  • · Why they should subscribe
  • · What the emails will be about

You must respect the privacy of your subscribers so that they become happy to be very active subscribers.

Gather Your Content

Utilize the content you published in the last 30 days as the content for the newsletter. You wish to acquire as many individuals when in front of your articles and newsletters are one of best tactics you could use.


Determine the Goal

You know well about the target of email monthly newsletters; however you must know that each monthly newsletter has a primary goal. For example, are you looking forward to convince your clients to take a survey or you to read a blog article about a certain topic? Make sure you place the content that is the most important at the top of the email and in a second spot in the email for maximum exposure.


Design Monthly Newsletter

You can change the newsletter template design only once per year. Many companies used to change their templates at the start of each year. Always be thinking “less is more” when you create your newsletter template. “From” Name and email address should be consistent. For example, the “from” name could be set-up like this, “

You should not send the monthly newsletter from an address like no reply.

 Create Subject Line

There are a few options when it comes to subject lines and you should test each option to see what works best for your audience. You should have a compelling subject line for each email you send. However, it is advised to be straight forward in the subject line of your newsletters so that you can make sure that the receipt will know instantly that this is your email newsletter without even going through it.

For example, you can set this subject line

“Learn How to be web designer”

You could also have a generic subject that will be recognized by everyone who has received your email. This way you can set the expectation that the emails you send your list are going to have the following subject line.


Email Signature

You need to add a well designed email signature. You have to access the email and add any other data you believe the receiver’s may find important.

This is a great location to add your blog link, social media icons, or announcements for upcoming products or events.