Search Engines Submissions

google search engine

Google is the top search engine and get used more then any other search engine

Search engine submission is a special way how a webmaster (web architect, web developer or web site administrator especially for S.E.O; search engines optimizer) should submit a specific web page straightforwardly to a specific search engine. Most of the time, it is believed that the submission is a way to endorse a website, but in reality it is not like that, because the well-known search engines like Google and Yahoo use spiders, bots and crawlers that sooner or later find most of the web sites on the internet without much effort, all by themselves.

At, we do manual high quality submissions only so that you can be sure that your site will be published in directories and social pages that are designed for the same field of your website.

Here you are what you should know about Search Engine Submissions:

Now why would you submit a web page to a specific search engines? There are two basic reasons why to use the S.E.O. The first one is to have a web site or a web page modernized in the particular search engine optimizer and the second one is to add a completely new web site because the site ‘managers’ do not like waiting for a search engines optimizer to find them.

There are two fundamental methods that are still being in use today in search engines optimizer and would permit a webmaster to submit the site to a search engine. They have two options; they can submit their whole page at once with a sitemap, or one web page at a time. Nevertheless, when a page is well designed, normally search engines optimizer can crawl the site, because the webmaster actually only needs to submit the main, home page of a certain web site.

msn bing search engine

Bing is the second most important search engine.


Of course, if you want to get more visitors on your page, you would want your website to be listed in the most popular search engines (this is how people start their search for something they are searching for; a service or a product). A user of the search engine is searching the information on the internet; with a search engine and most of them only check the first few hits of the result list, also called the top 10. Therefore the webmaster will do anything in his power to make the page appear in the top 10 of the search engine search and so far S.E.O is the best way.

To get a good placement on the list of searched results in any type of search engines, webmaster needs to optimize the page good. This action is called search engine optimization, where webmaster ‘plays’ with algorithms and such, but many variables are important here, such as the density of wanted keywords (that also have to be chosen carefully) and the placement of them for S.E.O.

It is also very important where the page is ranked. This means how many clicks away from the home page are the pages you want to access and also the amount of web pages that are linked to a specific web page. With S.E.O, the search engine optimizer all this becomes easier.

yahoo search engine

Yahoo search engine was a big player but is now owned by Bing.

Google does not only look at how much volume of votes a page has received, but it also analyzes the page. This is like a unique nature of the web by using its link structure as a kind of a marker of each page’s value. Google provides its point of view of pages’ importance by using different factors, such as casting votes on pages that are ‘important’ themselves which makes them more relevant and it also helps them to increase the relevancy of other pages too.