Website Design 

We are surrounded by technologies everywhere we go, whatever we do. Hence if we want to increase our network we have to consider the technology of websites. Websites are designed for the purpose of reaching out to large number of people that are located in different parts of the world. Now a days even if people have to buy some products, instead of going to a shop and looking for it they prefer to just go on-line and purchase it through a website thereby saving them time and energy.

Websites can be designed for various categories such as Business, Education, Shopping, Banking and the list goes on. In website designing there are two main aspects that needs to be conquered. One is Front end that is the user interface which deals with the look and feel of the webpage. While the other is the back end where in all the information is posted and programmed so that it appears in the front end and manages successful navigation between pages.

Website designing uses various scripting languages such as HTML, java,, JSP, JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS etc. Website designing involves designing of the pages in such a way that its user friendly and information provided in the webpage is consistent all over the website. Hence designers use HTML, CSS to design the beauty of the page. Page layout that is how a page should be divided in sections and what information needs to be displayed in each section needs to be decided. Once the layout is decided programming it from the backend becomes easy and success can be achieved. Using HTML and CSS we can design the static pages of the website with some navigation from one page to the other. If we want the pages to be dynamically active in which we can save the information from client on the server and respond the client with appropriate information from server we need JSP,, Java and so on. There are forms that a user submits, the information written on the form must be saved on the server or database and then an appropriate response must be given back. Hence to achieve this we use JavaScript, Java server pages and various other scripting languages. With the help of these scripting languages we can also add audio/video to the website making it interactive.

While designing a website it is very important to use a good typography. Choice of right fonts, headings and colors makes the webpage readable and understandable. There is some software available for designing and making a website. You can select Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to design the website whereas you can use Adobe Dreamweaver for programming and testing your website. Websites can be made using content management system which helps you to provide data on your website in a proper way. Joomla, WordPress are some of the content management systems used widely.

Website designing is the way of communicating with the clients and the audiences and publicizing of the business.